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History in the making…


We don’t really ever think about it. Well, I don’t anyway. I posted a photograph today of a very old, red farm house. When I saw it, I immediately thought about the lives that had been lived in that farm house. The children conceived, how they were raised, the parents and grandparents that had eaten in the kitchen. The nights that the mom and dad had spent worrying about money, or one of their kids or perhaps their own health or that of their parents. I thought about the parties they might have had. The people who had gathered there to celebrate life, or mourn the passing of one. Were there animals? What were the secrets? Where were those people now? Who was left? Did anyone remember any of it? Did anyone document it?

It caused me to realize that every day, in every mundane moment of every life of every person, we are creating a life. A big, full, happy, sad, frustrating, crazy life. Those moments we dread, the moments we most look forward to. The most boring moments. All of those add up to a life. A GIANT life. The life of a family. History in the making. Even making the dinner becomes a part of the life of that family. While one is churning away at the stove, and kids are fighting over who gets to watch what, or who has to take out the trash, it’s all a part of creating our own life history.

As I looked at that picture, and imagined all that had gone on there, I realized that it is all going on HERE. Right HERE in my own home. My kids will have these memories we create. All of them. Even the most insignificant. Is it that obvious to everyone?

My dad has kept a written diary of his life, and therefore our lives.  Every day. For 51 years. It is ALL there. Everything. The new car, the tough job, the naughty kid, the graduation, the cake my mom made, when grandma and grandpa came to visit, when my brother was born, when each of my kids were born, when my brother went in to treatment, the weather on March 3rd, 1968. EVERYTHING. Mundane. Exciting. Frustrating. Sad. Joyful. Scary. Stupendous. Wondrous. All of it. And all of it, just life. Just the day to day, punctuated with occasional exclamation. But mostly, just the day to day.

It is a treasure to me. This life. This history I’m making with my family. When I posted that picture, I captioned it with, “if these walls could talk…” forgetting that my OWN walls have stories as well. Just as rich, or boring, or exciting. My walls have 15 years worth of stories. That’s the first 15 years of our family’s history. We have lived other places, but this place, this is the place where our history will play out, if we are lucky. This is the place where the height is marked on the wall. Permanently. This is the place where our walls are soaking up our stories. Our family history.

One day, these walls will talk. They will share their stories with the grandkids, the friends, the aunties and uncles and cousins. One day is today. History in the making. Today.



I’ve been walking…

And thinking about God. And my life. And my kids. And my work.And what’s for dinner. And who is driving football practices. That’s what happens when I walk. I get that little 30 minutes to myself to think. And pray. And sing and let my mind wander.

I’m a fair weather walker, and by that I mean I hate to walk when it’s hot. I actually LOVE to walk in the snow. My route is about 1.5 miles and it’s off of the street next to a train track and behind some houses. I can smell the horses about a mile away and see the traffic on the way to work up on the highway. I can see the entire front range and the sun rises behind me to light the mountains up like they are on fire.

I wonder why, frequently, I stop walking. I guess it is because I find something else more important to do. Or I feel tired or lazy. But on a day like today, when I feel so great and healthy and serene and focused from my walk, I wonder why I can’t conjure these memories enough to make me get out there even on those lazy days.

About 2 years ago, I tore my Achille’s Tendon by wearing nothing but cute, colorful flip-flops for an entire summer. I wore them everywhere and walked miles and miles and miles in them. After that diagnosis I was told that I could NOT walk. Or hike Or really anything that would put stress on that tendon. That was the beginning of my sloth-fulness for a long time. Having been a chubby fat girl all my life, I spent most of my time complaining about exercise. Hating it. Avoiding it. Making excuses not to move my body in any way. And then that luxury was taken away from me. 

I think that was my first taste of what it was going to feel like to “get old.” Suddenly, something I really did take for granted, was taken away from me.

I would like to say that, that one moment changed my life and the second I was able to exercise, I did it with gusto and haven’t looked back. But it didn’t.

I try not to beat myself up for the times that I don’t walk and cheer myself on for the times I do. That’s all I’ve got.

For now, I will walk one day at a time and enjoy it one thought at a time. One step at a time.

The 10 Virtues of a Proverbs 31 Woman…

and How I’m doing on that whole thing….  Below is an outline of the 10 virtues as found in Proverbs 31, that women should aspire to according to, well… according to Proverbs. In the Bible.  I want to take a look at each one and kind of… rate myself. Feel free to play along if you like. Or not. I just wanted to see how I measure up.

1. Faith – A Virtuous Woman serves God with all of her heart, mind, and soul. She seeks His will for her life and follows His ways. (Proverbs 31: 26, Proverbs 31: 29 – 31, Matthew 22: 37, John 14: 15, Psalm 119: 15

             Scale of 1-10, ten being best? I’m a 2. That’s a generous estimate. I have certainly had times in my life where I’ve been closer to a 7 or an 8, but since I have         kids and a husband, I don’t pay near as much attention to this aspect of my life as I should. (Something tells me this is going to be a running theme here for mrsblogsalot. Hm. 

2. Marriage – A Virtuous Woman respects her husband. She does him good all the days of her life. She is trustworthy and a helpmeet. (Proverbs 31: 11- 12, Proverbs 31: 23, Proverbs 31: 28, 1 Peter 3, Ephesians 5, Genesis2: 18)

Well, certainly *I* see myself as respectful, and doing him good all the days of my life. He may have another story. I do respect him in every aspect. I’m giving myself a 7 on this one. A solid 7. 

3.  Mothering – A Virtuous Woman teaches her children the ways of her Father in heaven. She nurtures her children with the love of Christ, disciplines them with care and wisdom, and trains them in the way they should go. (Proverbs 31: 28, Proverbs 31: 26, Proverbs 22: 6, Deuteronomy 6, Luke 18: 16)

Hm. Really the only JOB I have. I mean, let’s say, it’s the most important job I have. One might think that I am getting at least THIS one right. I have tried to  not just be the one who takes the kids to church, but lives a Godly life in all aspects. Tried is the operative word here. I have nurtured, but has it been with the love of Christ? Well, it HAS been completely unconditional. That love. Have I trained them n the way they should go? I have tried to instill kind hearts, loving ways, joy, wonder etc…  Again. Ima give myself a fairly high grade here. How about another 7. 

4. Health – A Virtuous Woman cares for her body. She prepares healthy food for her family. (Proverbs 31: 14 – 15, Proverbs 31: 17, 1 Corinthians 6: 19, Genesis 1: 29, Daniel 1, Leviticus 11)

Yeah. Well. On this I kind of suck. I try hard to take good care of my family for sure. I plan menus and meals and don’t buy stuff with high fructose corn syrup or cookies or chips. Unless my husband begs me. We don’t keep sugary soda in the house and we don’t have dessert every night. I do NOT take good care of MYSELF. At all. So, averaging out the two scores, I think I’m coming in at about a 3.  Needs improvement. Big time.

5. Service – A Virtuous Woman serves her husband, her family, her friends, and her neighbors with a gentle and loving spirit. She is charitable. (Proverbs 31: 12, Proverbs 31: 15, Proverbs 31: 20, 1 Corinthians 13: 13)

I do serve. Is it gentle and loving? Not often, at least not with my family. It IS often with a crabby attitude and a bit of resentment. Awesome! I do believe my spirit with OTHERS is gentle and loving and I do feel great peace when helping others. Others that are not my family. Because, THEY should be helping themSELVES! Keeping score? I think I’m a 4 on this.

6. Finances – A Virtuous Woman seeks her husband’s approval before making purchases and spends money wisely. She is careful to purchase quality items which her family needs. (Proverbs 31: 14, Proverbs 31: 16, Proverbs 31: 18, 1 Timothy 6: 10, Ephesians 5: 23, Deuteronomy 14: 22, Numbers 18: 26)

:/ No comment.

7.  Industry – A Virtuous Woman works willingly with her hands. She sings praises to God and does not grumble while completing her tasks. (Proverbs 31: 13, Proverbs 31: 16, Proverbs 31: 24, Proverbs 31: 31, Philippians 2: 14)

This actually just gets harder and harder this little “test” I’m giving myself. I do sing praises to God. Almost all the time. I see God everywhere I look just about. (Not in the laundry pile… no. Not there.) I mostly don’t grumble. But I also do not enjoy. So. In a way that is kind of grumbling isn’t it? I’m giving it a 6.

8. Homemaking – A Virtuous Woman is a homemaker. She creates an inviting atmosphere of warmth and love for her family and guests. She uses hospitality to minister to those around her. (Proverbs 31: 15, Proverbs 31: 20 – 22, Proverbs 31: 27, Titus 2: 5, 1 Peter 4: 9, Hebrews 13: 2)

My family feels love and warmth and happiness. They also feel grit under their feet and sticky floors at times and might have to fight hard to find a clean glass or a pair of socks. I have made a home. It’s a loving, warm, comfortable home. It is not ever a spotless home. Ever. Our home is always open and always happy to see you. 7.

9. Time – A Virtuous Woman uses her time wisely. She works diligently to complete her daily tasks. She does not spend time dwelling on those things that do not please the Lord. (Proverbs 31: 13, Proverbs 31: 19, Proverbs 31: 27, Ecclesiastes 3, Proverbs 16: 9, Philippians 4:8 )

When I am doing the time thing well? I am doing it VERY well. When I am not? I am wandering aimlessly through my day feeling  horrible. Pretty sure a lot of what I do, does NOT please the Lord. But I do not dwell. Or I should say, I try hard not to dwell. I pray a lot for God to help me let things go. For anger and hurt to be lifted from my heart. As much as I have always WANTED to be a grudge holder,( because that anger can feel SO good) I am not. Feeling a 6 here.

10. Beauty – A Virtuous Woman is a woman of worth and beauty. She has the inner beauty that only comes from Christ. She uses her creativity and sense of style to create beauty in her life and the lives of her loved ones. (Proverbs 31: 10Proverbs 31: 21 – 22, Proverbs 31: 24 -25, Isaiah 61: 10, 1 Timothy 2: 9, 1 Peter 3: 1 – 6)

I feel pretty beautiful when I am happy and full of love that is for sure. I feel beautiful when I walk and sing to God. I feel beautiful when I pray over my kids. I feel beautiful when I know I am being of service to others. 8.

The Blogname is a LIE

I’ll just start out with that. I don’t blog a lot. I have blogged. I am blogging now. I will blog again. But a lot? Not likely. I’m not entirely sure what it is I’ll even be blogging ABOUT.

Things we know are true; I am 51. I have 3 boys. 1 boy is in college and one just started high school. The youngest is a 6th grader and therefore in his last year of elementary school. This in turn, makes the fact that I will be leaving the school my children have called home and grown up in, after 15 years, true as well. I have been married to my husband for 20 years this January. We have been together for 23 years and we were both in our 30’s when we got married. That makes both of us quite old. (He is and always will be older than I.)

It is also true that I have started a new business. A business that I am very excited about. This business feeds so many parts of my life that I can’t help but think (know) that it was meant to be. I suppose it is true that I will also blog about my business and the ups and downs of that adventure.

So. For now, we know these to be the true things in my life and the things I am most likely to blog about. Likely, not a lot. But some. Maybe enough to build an audience and perhaps enough to document these coming several years. I have a feeling that they are going to be worth documenting.

For now, I’m off.


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